Global Heritage Conclave-2023

Scheduled On: 28-04-2023

Global Heritage Conclave-2023
2nd Annual Conference of Heritage Society
28 -30 April, 2023, Patna(India)
Heritage Society organizes an annual conference every year, widely popular as 'Global Heritage Conclave'. The Society's 'Global Heritage Conclave' for the current year is proposed at Patna on 28-30 April 2023. There are four parallel sessions have been scheduled.
A. Parallel Session for History & Archaeology
Theme- Pilgrimage Culture

B. Parallel Session for Philosophy
Theme- Indian Perspective on Culture Philosophy

C. Parallel Session for Literature
Theme- Literature and Cultural Discourse

D. Parallel Session for Science & Technology
Theme- Scientific Roots and Technological Quest along Pilgrimage

The objective of the conference is to bring together researchers, scholars, subject professionals, and students from all allied disciplines to present latest researches and offer critical debates and fresh perspectives on different aspects of Indian culture, philosophy, history, literature and heritage studies. The conference is an opportunity to stay up-to-date with new research findings and exchange ideas. The three day conference seeks to identify new trends in the discipline from both established and emerging researchers. It will present the latest projects and recent findings to elicit feedback from diverse perspectives.
Last Date for Abstract Submission: 5 February 2023
Last Date for Full Paper Submission: 17 February 2023
Conference Registration Last Date: 17 February 2023
Please submit your abstract and full paper on
For any queries, contact 7761902685 / 9835294248
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