Tangible and Intangible Heritage around Hyderabad and Local Communities

Scheduled On: 27-01-2022

Intangible Cultural Heritage Department, Heritage Society, India cordially invites you  to participate  Virasat Talk-175 

🟡 National Webinar on "Tangible and Intangible Heritage around Hyderabad and Local Communities"

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Prof. Anantashutosh Dwivedi, Director-General, Heritage Society, Patna

Distinguished Speaker

Prof. Aloka Parasher-Sen, Professor Emerita, Department of Sanskrit Studies, School of Humanities University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad

Welcome Address:

Mrinalini, Coordinator, Heritage Society-Rajasthan Circle; Faculty, Adarsh P.G College, Pilani

Vote of Thanks:

Vishnupriya C, Research Investigator, Heritage Society-Kerala Circle



Azad Hind Gulshan Nanda, Director, Buddhist Heritage Research Institute, Heritage Society

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