Vedanta School of Philosophy

Scheduled On: 10-02-2023

Centre for Philosophical Studies in collaboration with  Heritage Society-Goa Circle

cordially invite you  to join Indian Knowledge Tradition Lecture Series

Virasat Talk - 188 : Vedanta School of Philosophy


About the talk:

Vedanta is one of the most popular and profound schools of Indian Philosophy. Vedanta contemplates on the knowledge section of the Vedas derived from the Upanishads. Although Vedanta is the philosophical foundation of Hinduism, it is very universal in its nature and application. This talk will focus on the core teachings of Vedanta philosophy at the grass root level. The speaker intends to highlight the similarities and differences between various traditions which developed in ancient India, such as Advaita (non-dualism), Dvaita (dualism), Suddhadvaita(pure non-dualism) etc.

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Distinguished Speaker:
Dimple Desai Khaitan, Member, Centre for Philosophical Studies, Heritage Society, Patna

Prof. Anantashutosh Dwivedi
Director General,
Heritage Society, Patna

Mayura Rajesh
Research Investigator
Heritage Society-Goa Circle

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