Welcome to Heritage Museum Department

Heritage Society (HS) set up the Archaeological Exploration and Excavation Department (AEED) in 2018 to carry out archaeological research, exploration and excavation works in the different parts of the country and also to execute problem-oriented survey including exploration and excavation of ancient sites and mounds. Archaeological explorations and excavations play a major role to reconstruct history of past. Scientific analysis and systematic interpretation of unearthed built heritage shed light on the activities of past societies to reconstruct the history of past societies. Archaeological objects are the credible source of history writing. The AEED has also prepares the reports based on the field work and interacts with various universities and research institutions.
To provide authentic heritage information in an interesting way to the future heritage custodians of the nation, the AEED and Bihar Heritage has launched “VIRASAT TALK” in 2020. Initially this talk was known as ‘Heritage Talk-show’. The “VIRASAT TALK” is being organised in the schools and colleges regularly.