महात्मा बसवेश्वर, शरण साहित्य और समता की अवधारणा

Scheduled On: 09-07-2022

Centre for Philosophical Studies and Heritage Society- Karnataka Circle cordially invite you to join Indian knowledge Tradition Series.

Virasat Talk-182 

Topic: "महात्मा बसवेश्वर, शरण साहित्य और समता की अवधारणा"

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Dr. Naresh K. Vats,
University School of Humanities
 & Social Sciences, GGSIP 
University, New Delhi ;

Distinguished Speaker:

Sri Kishor P. More,
Amity Institute of Liberal Arts, 
Amity University, Mumbai;

Convenor & Moderator:

Prof. Anantashutosh Dwivedi, 

Director-General, Heritage Society, Patna

Vote of Thanks:  Dr. Astha Dibyopma
Heritage Society-Pune Chapter      

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