Patna Museum: History, Collection and Future Plan

Published On: 01-10-2021
Posted By: Ramayani Sengupta

Heritage Society brings to you another enriching episode of the Year Long Distinguished Weekly Lecture Series focusing on the theme of Museums of India ( Collections, Historic Themes &Aspirations.

In the recent episode of the lecture series (episode-10), we present to you Patna Museum. Here, we explore on its historical significance, the golden collection that they offer to the very enthusiastic visitors. 

Eminent scholars including Dr. Anand Vardhan (General Secretary of Museums Association of India), Dr. Umesh Chandra Dwivedi (Former Director, Directorate of Museum, Govt. of Bihar). Our respected, Distinguished Speaker, Dr. Vimal Tiwari (Additional Director, Patna Museum) gave us a valuable insight, talking about the Future Plan of the Patna Museum along with other crucial topics. 

Dive in with us into this wonderful lecture series. Let the instincts about the Heritage and Museums of our country grow in you!

Video Link of the Talk :


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